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ALL THE GRANTS FOR BUSINESSES: Startup, Overhead, Expansion, Acquisition, Salaries and much more


Home Purchase, Repair, Mortgage, Rent, School Supplies, Real Estate Taxes and much more

HEALTH CARE GRANTS: Prescriptions, 

Nursing homes, Alzheimer's disease, Stroke, Parkinson's disease and much more.

We have researched...which is our way of saying - we have looked, and looked and looked again for a resource or a group of resources that we could put together and provide students, and parents with the ultimate site or sites where grants, scholarships and money available for education at all levels including college and even Grad-School. 

We never gave up!

We never quite!

We kept going!

AND WE FOUND THE SITE!!! "GRANTS FOR ALL!" - and I mean ALL folks!



Upon opening the site you will be greeted by a short video and a promise that it is all, "here!"

All the Grants!

All the Scholarships!

And more, much, much more.

We are delighted to present to you: GRANTS FOR ALL!


When you open the site you will be greeted by a short video that,


I mean this is an understatement!

Wait till you take a look!

A quote from them states,

"We currently provide the largest Government and Private Foundation Grant and Financial Resources Directory in the world!"  WOW!

"Our American Grant Guide is the result of months of dedicated research and development by a professional team of grant specialists. Our easy and clear methods provide a streamline, flawless grant seeking and application process!" WOW AGAIN!

College Education Grants

Educations grants are among the most used and most necessary grants in the nation. Each year, millions of students can qualify for educational grants to pay for schooling. Government grants and private grants are available to the tune of millions of dollars each year. Scholarships are available to students for student applications based on a number of factors, including GPA, intended major, and a number of other factors. Educational grants can be used to pay tuition, school supplies, living expenses, transportation, and other items that are intended for educational purposes. Our package is made up of the Grant Directory Guide that will provide you with the step by step process for applying for free grants, as well as other government and private grants. GRANTLINK software is also included that will allow online access to grant and loan assistance programs. Find your Grants for College today!

Receive Education Grants for:

 Graduate School 
 Undergraduate School 
 Secondary School 
 Primary School 
 Preschool School 
 Nursery School

 Medical School 
 Environmental Science 
 Business Management 
 Computer Science
 Many other disciplines

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