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I AM A VIETNAM VETERAN. With the, "Draft," many use to fight to stay out of the Military. Now everyone has to FIGHT TO GET IN!  If you do not pass the
"CAT-ASVAB Admittence Test"
you will not get in to the Military. Here is the answer: 



I have taught at a very prestigious Private School. Private School, "Admittance Examinations," keeps a lot of good students out. Every Private School requires the successful completion - PASSING - of  Admissions Examinations. Here is your great answers:



I am a licensed Real Estate Broker. You must complete forty hours training than pass the state and national licensing examinations before becoming license to sell Real Estate. The passing ratio for those taking these examination, the first time, is ridiculously low - except for those taking the required number of hours training at Barney Fletcher Schools. For those completing their training at Barney Fletcher, the pass ratio is in the high 90% THE FIRST TIME - WOW! Click here and pass everything the first time!!! I TOOK THEIR AGENTS and BROKERS License courses ONLINE and passed them both THE FIRST TIME. 


I AM A COLLEGE PROFESSOR WITH SEVENTEEN YEARS IN THE CLASSROOM. Okay, let us get very specific here! The Math section of the SAT is the, "KILLER," when it comes to passing and getting in to your preferred College or University - and there is no reason this section should keep you out. In other words, passing the math section is a must. So, why not go to one of the best tutors for this secion? We did - click here:   

Medical Billing and Coding 

This is currently a great career path - if you can pass the AAPC exam for Certified Professional Coder. Most fail the first time. You don't have to fail. Here is how you pass the first time:

You must complete something like: 15 hours USPAP, 30 hours Proceedures and 30 hours Principals for a total of 75 hours training just to take the test and the pass ratio is inbarrisingly low. HOWEVER, for those taking their classes through Cape Schools, we found the pass ratio is in the high 90% THE FIRST TIME - UNPRESEDENTED! Click here and get your license. 
World Class Tutors and Study Guides prepare for Admissions! 


We conduct extensive continuious research in order to provide you with, in our opinions, the very best in preperation for admittence.   

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